Axios International Marks its 25th Anniversary by Celebrating Patient Journey in Asia, commits to #NeverStandingStill in Transforming Healthcare Access


Axios International, a global healthcare access company, celebrated its 25th anniversary at an event held last month by sharing some life-changing stories of thousands of patients who have benefited from the company’s innovative access to healthcare and treatment programs over the last two decades in Malaysia.

At the event, highlighting the need for more actions in patient management in the space beyond healthcare facilities, Axios put out a rallying call to its clients and partners to join hands in creating a shared impact for patients and to #NeverStandStill in transforming healthcare access across the region and beyond.

Speaking at the event, one of the patients enrolled in Axios’ PSPs shared how access to innovative treatments gave them a new lease on life. Mat Ahmed (a fictitious name to protect the anonymity and confidentiality of the patient) said, “In 2021, I was told that my cancer cells were active again, and there was no suitable medicine for me anymore. It was devastating to hear until I learned there was a new cancer treatment that was being brought into Malaysia. With the support of my doctor, Dr. Yap Beng Khiong, and Axios International, I was able to give the medicine a try, and I’m very happy that it has helped to shrink the cancer cells tremendously, and I am progressing very well.”

Mat Ahmed is a survivor of kidney cancer and was able to access a new cancer drug that significantly improved their condition after being enrolled in an Axios PSP.

Dr. Joseph Saba, MD, Chief Executive Officer of Axios International, said, “Change comes from a willingness to do things differently. Over the past 25 years, we continued to learn, adapt, and evolve and have seen an entire mindset shift around what access can be.

In this digital era, though the world is interconnected, healthcare systems are not. And this is where Axios, while driving the transformational leap, will play a key role in making healthcare accessible for patients. Thanks to the Axios+ digital access ecosystem and our proprietary tools, during COVID-19, we were able to find many patients who were otherwise lost in the system, in the space outside the hospital or clinical facility. It is time we look at access to medicines and treatment on a regional and global level rather than being country specific. We must work together to create a shared impact to achieve a healthier world.”

Drawing excerpts from his book titled ‘A World Undivided,’ which will be published in early 2023, Dr. Saba continued to emphasise, “Healthcare is a human right. It’s something we all need and deserve. It’s something that impacts every single piece of our lives. Without our health, we have nothing. I can’t think of anything more worth fighting for. It’s time we finally got it right.”

Roshel Jayasundera, Senior Director of Global Consulting, Axios International, commented, “At Axios, we will never stand still until we help as many patients as possible, to access quality care and treatment and to stay on their full treatment journey to achieve better health outcomes. Access to medicines is not just about a product being listed in a market; for us, it’s about getting treatment to the patient, helping them to fulfil their treatment and reach better health.”

Healthcare access has evolved tremendously over the last 25 years, but access challenges and incidences of chronic disease and rare diseases persist amidst ageing populations putting them in a more vulnerable position, especially during the pandemic. Axios International has made a commitment to #NeverStandStill and urges all its clients, partners including multinational pharmaceutical companies, patient associations, Non-Governmental Organisations, civil societies, and public sector institutions across the healthcare ecosystem, to collaborate and offer access to medicines and treatment to more patients by going beyond the boundaries of healthcare facilities.

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