BELVEA, A Clinical Nutritional Healthcare Brand for Expectant and Breastfeeding Mothers


The world of healthcare is rapidly evolving, over-the-counter (OTC) products are now more accessible than ever before. That said, OTC products might not correctly address the nutritional requirement of consumers, especially if their physical condition requires condition specific nutrients. To ensure that these patients have someone to lean on for reliable and safe healthcare products, BELVEA, a clinical nutritional healthcare brand strives to develop solutions for patients with specific health conditions and nutritional needs.

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Pregnancy is a joyous period, yet it is also a crucial period to ensure that both the mother and child are supplemented with important nutrients such as Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). A DHA-rich diet has been linked to improved cognitive development in babies and the mental well-being of the expectant mother. Hence, it is essential that expectant mothers obtain sufficient DHA during this crucial period of pregnancy. Fish oil supplements available over-the-counter typically contain higher levels of Eicosapentaenoic acid (EPA) and may be unsuitable for pregnancy use.

BELVEA Begin Formula contains higher levels of DHA and lower levels of EPA compared to conventional fish oil supplements. Being a fish-body-oil supplement, it is also certified to be free from fish liver oil. The higher availability of DHA ensures that the correct nutrition is available for brain and eye development in the fetus and in the growing baby through breastfeeding. EPA, on the other hand, is known to have blood-thinning properties when taken in high dosages. This could be risky for mothers going into labour. Hence, the lower EPA ratio in BELVEA Begin Formula.

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“Our fish body oil is purified through a proprietary triple-molecular distillation process and rigorously tested to ensure that all the nutrients remain whereas environmental toxins and heavy metals like lead, cadmium, mercury are excluded from the finished product to ensure the quality of BELVEA’s Begin Formula supplements. It is formulated specifically to meet the DHA requirement needs of expectant and breastfeeding mothers,” stated Mitch Loo, founder and CEO of BELVEA.

BELVEA ensures that all of their products meet strict testing and purity standards. BELVEA Begin Formula is also certified HALAL by JAKIM.

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With Malaysians spending longer periods indoors now more than ever, in adherence to the safety regulations implemented by the second Movement Control Order (MCO), our skin is more likely to be constantly exposed to less-than-ideal circumstances. Constant air conditioning, exposing our skin to dry and hot weather conditions could lead to skin sensitivity and dryness. While we do take measures to ensure that our skin is well protected, a lot of us are still unaware that the ingredients used in run-of-the-mill soaps and shampoos might contain ingredients that further irritate the skin. Enter BELVEA Moisturising Cream and Gentle Skin Wash which is specially formulated to cater to Malaysians with sensitive and dry skin.

BELVEA Gentle Skin Wash avoids the use of ingredients such as Sodium Lauryl Sulfate (SLS), a surfactant that is commonly found in personal care and cleansing products that allows for better lathering for soaps and shampoos. This reduces the risk of skin irritation and is suited for those with sensitive skin.

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“Our clinical dermatology products are formulated in New Zealand whilst maintaining the same quality and standard in both the manufacturing process and finished product as other leading brands in the same product category, ensuring that our products are up-to-par with the more well known brands out there. Despite that, our products are available in the market at approximately 25%-40% lower price compared to other leading brands.” added Mitch.

“BELVEA has always been a brand that focuses on niche areas of the healthcare industry. We believe that everyone deserves the care and attention they need. Moving forward, we want to continue our journey of developing condition-specific-products for our consumers,” expressed Mitch.

BELVEA Begin Formula, Moisturizing Cream, and Gentle Skin Wash are available for purchase in selected clinics and hospitals across Malaysia. To find out more, please head on to the BELVEA website at http://belvea.com.

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