Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital

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23, Jalan Bulan, Fettes Park, 11200, Tanjong Bungah, Penang, Malaysia
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Construction of Mount Miriam Hospital started and the building was completed 1974 with total cost of RM2.5 million. The site adjacent to present College General (Major Seminary) was cleared for the project. Funds were raised through donation drives, well wishers and the public at large.

The first patient admitted to the Hospital was on the 1st June 1976. For the first 3 years, Mount Miriam Hospital admitted a few general medical patients but was otherwise exclusively concerned with terminally ill cancer patients.

New oncology clinics were set up in 2010. First case of Positron Emission Tomography (PET-CT) was done on 8th October 2010. It is a medical imaging device which combines in a single gantry system both a Positron Emission Tomography (PET) and an x-ray Computed Tomography, so that images acquired from both devices can be taken sequentially, in the same session from the patient and combined into a single superposed image.

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital has added SRS & SRT to its array of radiotherapy treatments. This breakthrough in technology uses a highly focused beam of X-ray radiation. It is designed to benefit brain tumour patients and those with a variety of nonmalignant brain diseases. The medical team, which comprises of a Radiation Oncologist, Neurosurgeon, Medical Physicist, Therapy Radiographer and nurses will provide the best course of treatment needed.

Mount Miriam Cancer Hospital provide a comprehensive range of cancer treatment on the following disciplines:-

• Stereotactic Radiosurgery and Radiotherapy (SRS and SRT)
• Image Guided Radiotherapy (IGRT)
• Intensity Modulated Radiation Therapy (IMRT)
• 3D-Conformal Radiotherapy (3D-CRT)
• Brachytherapy
• Chemotherapy
• Palliative care