Sungai Long Specialist Hospital

03-9010 3788
Pt 21147, Persiaran SL 1, Bandar Sg Long, 43000 Kajang, Selangor
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About Us

Services available at Hospital Sungai Long included:

• Accident and Emergency
• Cardiology
• Clinical Hypnotheraphy
• Evening Clinics
• General Medicine
• General Surgery
• Obstetrics And Gynaecology
• Infertility
• Oncology
• Orthopaedic
• Paediatrics
• Plastic Surgery
• Psychiatry

Hospital Sungai Long offers comprehensive, multidisciplinary, advanced by latest technology cancer care with the most competent and highly skilled health care professionals. It provides the treatment in the following major specialties :

• Medical Oncology
• Surgical Oncology
• Pediatric Oncology
• Radiation Oncology
• HITV therapy

The word cancer is commonly widely associated with a bad prognosis and impending death. This is understandable as cancer is a deadly disease. According to the World Health Organisation, globally every one out of four men and every one out of three women are likely to get cancer in their lifetime. With such a high probability rate, cancer can affect anyone, anytime and anywhere. However, most people are not aware that cancer is curable in a many instances if detected early, and the patient may be able to lead a normal life. Although the prognosis of the disease is bad in an advanced stage, the use of modern technology these days has brought the cure rate of cancer to almost 70-80%.