Certainty Launches #RayaKonfiden, First Step Towards Creating Support Community for Old Age Living


Certainty, the adult diaper brand that provides a range of incontinence products by Uni-Charm Group, is reconnecting with the grassroot community in Klang Valley to provide support during Ramadan through the launch of its #RayaKonfiden campaign. As an advocate of Active Daily Living (ADL), Certainty hopes to address and help communities in Malaysia select the right type of product that can help them manage their issues and subsequently, live their daily lives confidently especially with the upcoming Hari Raya celebration.

With support from local member of parliament (MPs) office and state legislative assemblyman (ADUN), Certainty is distributing aid to bring about the spirit of #RayaKonfiden to communities in three areas. These three areas are PPR Kerinchi in Lembah Pantai, Flat Seri Bahtera in Bandar Armada Putra, Pulau Indah as well as Perumahan Awam Setapak Jaya in Setiawangsa from 12 to 14 April 2023.

The donations worth up to RM70,000 consist of food hampers and Certainty adult diaper product range that aims to help promote Active Daily Living as well as Iftar meal sets from Burger King.

Launched on 12 April 2023 in PPR Kerinchi the #RayaKonfiden campaign will take place over the span of three days and will be joined by Lembah Pantai Member of Parliament Office, N46 Pelabuhan Klang ADUN YB Tuan Azmizam Zamanhuri and Setiawangsa Member of Parliament Office.

Mr Eiji Yoshida, Managing Director of Uni-Charm Group Malaysia and Singapore said “The #RayaKonfiden campaign is an initiative that is close to the hearts of everyone in the corporation. As a brand that deeply understands the struggles that many of our older generation face when it comes to the aspect of incontinence care, we certainly hope to go beyond just our product innovation in efforts to help them live their daily lives confidently.”

He also added that through the campaign, Certainty hopes to also address and advocate the need of providing the right solution of incontinence issues. Advocating the Activities of Daily Living (ADL)* care concept through Certainty’s product offerings, the brand is here to guide users to select the right type of incontinence product based on their mobility condition, enabling them to manage their issues and subsequently, live their daily lives actively and confidently.

The #RayaKonfiden campaign by Uni-Charm Group marks the organisation’s purpose of realising a cohesive society with each member of the community being equal and comfortable. The campaign also marks Uni-Charm’s commitment of supporting the national agenda of establishing quality care for the older generation and addressing aspects of incontinence care for avenues such as hospitals and other medical facilities.

With this campaign, Uni-Charm Group through Certainty will be working closely with local state council to create a broader awareness on the need to address and provide care for the older generation especially in the local B40 community. This also marks Certainty’s first move into establishing further collaboration and efforts to provide incontinence care with more organisations to continue supporting senior citizens especially in low-income families.

To learn more about the Active Daily Living (ADL) care concept, please visit www.certainty.com.my/about/what-is-adl/. For more information on Certainty, please visit Certainty’s Facebook page at www.facebook.com/certaintymalaysia or Uni-Charm Group website at www.unicharm.com.my.

*The ADL concept is divided into 6 levels which represents the mobility condition of the users who can independently conduct daily activities to those who need a caretaker for excretion care.

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