Elekta to Address Indonesia’s Cancer Care Gap with Direct Presence


Elekta announced today that is has established permanent legal entity in Indonesia’s capital, Jakarta in order to address the unmet need for high quality, modern cancer care.

Radiation therapy is a critical component in treating cancer and is considered necessary in the treatment of over half of all cancer patients. However, according to GLOBOCAN, more than 15,000 linear accelerators are required globally to close the gap between countries with sufficient cancer resources and those without. Indonesia, for example, has fewer than 80 active devices serving a population of almost 275 million inhabitants.

Shaun Seery, Elekta’s Senior Vice President Asia Pacific, says, “Indonesia is a highly underserved market when it comes to radiation therapy. Our ambition is to close the gap through organic growth and establish a presence where we will make an impact. This direct presence will allow us to support customers and ensure they can offer their patients access to the best cancer care available.”

Elekta, the market leader in Indonesia, aims to provide customers with enhanced service, support, and order fulfilment, as well as access to the latest education and training.

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