Friso Launches Good Poop-Inspired Bedding and Family Staycations on World Sleep Day


On World Sleep Day, 18 March 2022, Friso revealed two new exciting ways that parents can talk to their little ones about the importance of good gut health. Fresh from the success of last year’s junior sleepwear collaboration with homegrown kidswear label, Maison Q, the brands have come together once again to launch Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding.

This is the third consecutive year of Friso Good Poop Matters, Baby!, a national campaign in Singapore by Friso to raise awareness for the importance of good gut health in young children through a variety of educational and lifestyle initiatives.

“We believe that a healthy digestive system helps children absorb the nutrients they need to be happy, healthy kids, and good poop matters because it is a wonderful, visible indicator of a child’s gut health. With the help of the cheeky and loveable poopers – we quickly noticed that bedtime became a natural moment for parents to talk with their kids about the importance of good poop. This year, we are taking that understanding of our audience one step further by launching Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding to inspire even more bedtime conversations about the importance of gut health,” said Melissa Wong, Head of Marketing at FrieslandCampina Singapore.

Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding sees the return of the lovable trio of Good Poop champions – Super Pooper, Gutsy Gal and Poopoo Power – with a unique reversible design hiding a not-so-secret message to aid nightly conversations around good sleep and good poop. The limited edition bedding set can only be redeemed with a minimum purchase of $250 of Friso Gold products.

Suhana Ab, Founder and Creative Director at Maison Q said, “Parents could easily relate to the sleepwear we created with Friso last year so our vision this year was to make it equally simple, fun and enjoyable to understand. To create simplicity in a tongue-in-cheek manner, we gave the Friso Good Poop family members a fashion upgrade. This makes it not only aesthetically pleasing but easy for parents to have an open conversation about poop and why it matters.”

“I think that mothers intuitively know that it is important to pay attention to their child’s gut health, but it can be challenging, especially for working mums, to find the time to think or talk about the subject with their kids,” said Sharon Wong, Founder & CEO of motherswork. “That’s what makes this reversible bedding collection so unique, because it naturally creates conversation about this important subject during one of the most precious moments in a day – right before bedtime. We at motherswork are delighted to continue advocating for good poop and good sleep in young children.”

In addition to the launch of Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding, Friso is also rewarding five lucky Friso families with the chance to win a 3D2N Friso Family Poopcation for a family of four at the luxurious Shangri-la Singapore.

Winners of the Friso Family Poopcation can look forward to a fun staycation where good poop takes centre stage. Little ones can look forward to having their bed adorned with Friso x Maison Q Limited Edition Reversible Bedding, while a Friso Good Poop Officer Bedtime Activity Kit ensures that bedtime becomes the best time to talk about the importance of good gut health. Throughout their stay, guests will enjoy complimentary fresh juices and detox tea, in addition to the myriad family-first amenities that make Shangri-la Singapore a favourite among Singaporean families with young children.

“It is important for parents to understand their poop and how it relates to their digestive health, so they can take the right steps to get proactive about their child’s gut health,” said Dr Petrina Wong, Consultant Paediatrician, SOG-Petrina Wong Clinic for Children Respiratory and Sleep. “Studies have shown that good sleep positively correlates with good gut health[1]. Getting a good night’s sleep is just as important as having exercise and a nutritious, well-balanced diet and we hope to drive home this message the next time parents consider ways they can promote good gut health simply by promoting good sleeping habits.”

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