HOYA Lens Singapore Introduces MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control Lenses to Address Surge in Childhood Myopia


In response to the escalating prevalence of childhood myopia, HOYA Lens Singapore unveils the MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control lenses, aiming to combat a pressing global health issue. Projections suggest myopia will impact half the world’s population by 2050, with lifestyle factors like increased near-work and reduced outdoor time contributing to the rise.

Recognising the vital role of outdoor activities in myopia prevention, HOYA underscores the need to enhance children’s exposure to natural light for their visual well-being. The MiYOSMART Sun with Full Control lenses integrate cutting-edge technologies, including HOYA’s moulded laminate photochromic film and Defocus Incorporated Multiple Segments (D.I.M.S.) Technology, designed to effectively slow down myopia progression.

Key features include automatic darkening outdoors, rapid clearing indoors, blue light protection, and an anti-bacterial coating for lens hygiene. These sleek, lightweight, and durable lenses cater to children’s vision needs during indoor and outdoor activities, offering a comprehensive and non-invasive solution for myopia management with all-in-one protection.


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