Job Listing FAQ

For Job Seekers

1) Where can I view the full list of job openings?
You may view it here https://www.healthmatters.com.my/jobs/

2) How do I filter for job openings?
You can filter based on the job title, location and types of jobs using the filter function.

3) How do I apply for a job position?
You may select your preferred job and click on the “Apply for job” button. An e-mail address will appear for you to deliver your CVs.

4) I am worried about my personal data. Will Health Matters receive or keep a copy of my CV?
Do not worry. Health Matters and its related entities will not receive any copy of your CV. You will liaise with the hiring organisations or recruitment agencies by sending your copy of CV directly to them.

For Employers
1) Are there any fees to list a job opening?
No. It is absolutely FREE for all healthcare practitioners and recruitment agencies to list job openings.

2) How many job openings can I list?
There is no limit to how many jobs you can submit. Therefore, feel free to list all available openings.

3) How long will the listing be available for?
All listings will be available for 30 days. Thereafter, it will expire automatically and employers can relist if the positions are still available.

4) How can the employers check the job applications?
Health Matters does not receive the applications on behalf of the employers. Instead, the hiring organisations and recruitment agencies’ e-mail addresses will be provided to the candidates.

Candidates will apply for the job position by sending an e-mail directly to the displayed e-mail address.

5) How long will it take for my job listing submission to be approved?
It will usually be approved within 3 working days.

6) How do I submit my job listing?
You can submit your job listing by clicking the Submit Job Listing tab.

7) Can I edit my listing(s) after submission?
Yes. The system will automatically create an account after the first listing. You will receive an e-mail (please also check your spam mail folder) to reset your account’s password. Thereafter, you can edit your listing(s) by clicking Manage Job Listing.

8) I am not based in Malaysia. Can I submit for a foreign job listing as well?
Yes. We will accept any healthcare related openings from around the world. Please indicate the location of hire when you submit your listing.

9) I have a non-healthcare related position (e.g. marketing, finance, operatons, HR, admin) for a healthcare organisation. Can I submit these as well?
Yes. We will accept the listing as long as it is related to the healthcare industry.

10) I am from a recruitment agency with career opportunities in the healthcare industry. Can I submit my listings as well?
Yes. You may submit these openings on behalf of your client.

11) I would like to feature my listing in your job listing page. Do you offer this service?
Yes. Kindly e-mail us at info@healthmatters.com.my for enquiry on job listing feature.