Lishaveni Awarded ‘Best Nurse Award’ on International Nurses Day


Nurses around the world have embarked on an uncalled-for journey alongside our front line workers to save the world from COVID-19.

Day after day, our medical workers continue to stand on the battleground, and yet the end is nowhere near to be seen.

With dark days still ahead, Nilai Medical Centre shed some silver lining with a celebration for the nursing team in conjunction with the International Nurses Day on 12 May.

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According to a statement to Health Matters Malaysia, the hospital’s team of nurses were surprised with a cupcake, a special thank you card and a specially designed T-shirt.

“This is in honour of our nursing team who continues to do us proud,” said Jasmine Lau, Chief Executive Officer of Nilai Medical.

“Our theme, ‘Heart@Work’, is specially coined to express our heartfelt gratitude to our nurses who are always ‘hard at work’ caring for others and showing so much ‘heart at work’”.

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Eight-year nurse practitioner Lishaveni a/p Subramaniam was also awarded the ‘Best Nurse Award’ by the hospital during the celebration.

“It is fulfilling to be able to care for patients in need. I also learn a lot as I relate to them. They teach me patience, perseverance and empathy,” said Lisahveni.

“Being a nurse is challenging and can be draining at times, but the experience is well worth it.”

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