Pos Malaysia’s Raises Over RM80,000 From Ubat Melalui Pos (UMP) Service to Support Ministry of Health’s Tabung Amanah


Pos Malaysia Berhad (“Pos Malaysia” or the “Group”), Malaysia’s postal and parcel service provider has raised over RM80,000 where five per cent from the Ubat Melalui Pos (UMP) service’s revenue over a six-month period from January to June 2023 to benefit the Ministry of Health (MOH)’s ‘Tabung Amanah Pembiayaan Kos Rawatan, Ubat-Ubatan dan Peralatan bagi Rawatan Pesakit Kanser’. The initiative is part of Pos Malaysia’s Corporate Social Responsibility, aimed at assisting underprivileged cancer patients.

Dato’ Sri Norazman Ayob, Deputy Secretary-General (Finance) of the Ministry of Health (MOH), said, “For the period from 2012 to June 2023, Pos Malaysia has donated as much as RM708,783.56 and a total of RM617,393.20 has been spent on the treatment of cancer patients from all over Malaysia, especially at the National Cancer Institute and Kuala Lumpur Hospital which are the main reference health facilities of the Ministry of Health for cancer treatment.”

He continued, “Through this donation, various medical equipment was purchased to help underprivileged cancer patients. Among the medical equipment purchased are chemo ports, oxygen concentrators, pleural and peritoneal indwelling catheters, infusion pumps and so on. For January to June 2023, a total of 360,922 parcels have been sent through the UMP service. Revenue from this service, amounting to RM84,276.70 will be channelled to the fund.”

Launched in 2011, the Ubat Melalui Pos (UMP) service offers the delivery of prescribed medication to the patients’ preferred location within the PosLaju area of coverage for a minimal fee. This service provides patients with the convenience of receiving their medicine supply right at their doorsteps, thereby reducing wait time at MOH healthcare facilities (government hospitals and clinics). The service also ensures the uninterrupted continuity of patients’ monthly medication supply and increases the patient’s compliance toward their medication therapy.

Zaini Yahman, Pos Malaysia Berhad’s Director of Operations said, “Pos Malaysia takes great pride in being able to play a critical role in bolstering the Ministry of Health’s endeavours to enhance healthcare accessibility for every Malaysian through the UMP service. Utilising our expansive network that spans over 11 million addresses across the nation, we are grateful for the trust in us to make a significant difference in the lives of numerous patients.”

“Our commitment lies in ensuring the secure and timely delivery of medication, and we average about 60,000 parcels a month. But we are not just delivering parcels, we are delivering hope to those who need it most. This service exemplifies our commitment as a responsible corporate entity constantly driving innovation, and we look forward to continuing our efforts to uplift lives and create a better tomorrow,” he added.

Pos Malaysia stands out as a benchmark in the realm of delivery services, offering an unparalleled commitment to efficiency and exceptional on-time delivery performance. In a Courier Challenge Survey in 2022 commissioned by the Malaysian Communications and Multimedia Commission (SKMM) to measure performance among courier companies in Malaysia, Pos Malaysia’s delivery performance stands at 96 per cent compared to the industry average of 78 per cent.

UMP is now available at 394 MOH healthcare facilities nationwide. Members of the public who are interested to use the service can download the MyUBAT mobile application through Google Play, App Store or AppGallery, or seek further information at any MOH healthcare facilities. To find out more, please visit https://myubat.pharmacy.gov.my.

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