Radiance Assets Berhad Invests in American Healthcare App MDHealthtrak


Staying true to their vision of developing effective solutions for real world problems, by integrating user-friendly technology seamlessly with everyday life, Radiance Assets Berhad has invested in MDHealthtrak, an American company that has developed a mobile and web application which allows easy communication and access between doctors and their patients.

The innovative health app – MDHealthtrak is a doctor-developed transformative healthcare ecosystem, engineered to improve and strengthen the relationship between a patient and doctor. It is also designed to streamline and enhance the consultation processes and patient record tracking.

MDHealthtrak is an advanced digital platform that efficiently delivers high-quality healthcare right from your smartphones. The platform is curated efficiently to track disease symptoms, facilitate communication for patients, providers and institutions, improving access to care and increasing the efficiency of health-related services and information via telecommunication technologies.

Patients can book virtual appointments and in-person consultations through the app with a touch of a single button and doctors can manage their patients via the app’s interface where appointment management and patient care is simplified.

This investment is a step towards the advancement of medical technology solutions with the goal of improving health care accessibility and management for both doctors and patients. MDHealthtrak is led by an experienced team, who are constantly on the lookout for ways to improve the eco-system and solutions being provided.

“I believe our investment in MDHealthtrak is quite timely, in view of the current pandemic and healthcare environment not only in Malaysia but globally. Our society will be affected by this pandemic for an exceptionally long time and people are constantly concerned about going places, especially when visits to clinics and hospitals are required. MDHealthtrak will enable patients to reduce their visitations to clinics and hospitals, especially for minor consultation and follow up cases. Patients will be able to receive their regular consultations in the comfort of their own homes. Doctors will have access to more frequent and closer monitoring, and real-time readings of their patients, as well, ” says Ezman Zamani, Group Chairman of Radiance Assets Berhad.

MDHealthtrak will be made available in Malaysia in October 2021 for enterprise clients. The app will be released on Apple’s app store and Google PlayStore in Q1 of 2022. The app will be readily assimilated for the Malaysian healthcare workflows, thereby making patient and doctor interactions seamlessly accessible and in turn empowering better outcomes.
Experience the world of MDHealthtrak via a chat with the team of dedicated individuals striving towards a technology savvy ecosystem from Radiance Assets Berhad. Visit our website radianceassets.com or feel free to reach out to Shanghetaa Alfred at +60192862535 for an opportunity to speak to the Radiance team.

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