Sarawak to Stay Alert for Those Returning from Sabah Poll


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Sarawak Deputy Chief Minister Datuk Amar Douglas Uggah said the state is on “red alert” for those coming back after the Sabah polls, on the possibility of them being infected with Covid-19.

He said neighbouring Sabah is now a red zone for Covid-19 with an alarming number of new cases being registered each day, compared to Sarawak which has recorded zero cases in the last few days and until today.

“Just yesterday we have some 500 policemen from the state sent to Sabah to re-enforce their Sabahan counterparts,” the State Disaster Management Committee (SDMC) chairman said he said at a ceremony to honour Public Works Department retirees.

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“We have local senior politicians too going there to campaign and voters going there to cast their votes and then come back.”

“Looking at the trend, recent reports had indicated that those returning from Sabah had tested positive for the sickness. This means we cannot say we are safe,” he added.

He added the Sarawak government has now imposed a number of new requirements for those returning from Sabah.

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He said the state has to form a protective shield around Sarawak against another possible outbreak, adding that everyone must comply with the standard operation procedures.

“We have to be on our guard and anyone going out of the state or overseas on official duties or tourism, we have to quarantine you for 14 days at designated hotels on your return.

“We are not only protecting you or your family but the society at large. We have to be firm as it is a very difficult time and situation,” Uggah said.

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Author: Sulok Tawie
Publication: Malay Mail
Title: Sarawak says on COVID-19 ‘red alert’ for those returning from Sabah Poll

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