Signify Partners with Thomson Hospital to Promote Vision Care on World Sight Day 2023


Signify (formerly Philips Lighting), the world leader in lighting and Thomson Hospital Kota Damansara (THKD), a leading healthcare institution, are joining hands to ramp up awareness by amplifying the message on the importance of vision care to Malaysians, in support of this year’s World Sight Day. Celebrated on the second Thursday of October each year, World Sight Day is a global event dedicated to highlight challenges surrounding eye health and promoting access to quality eye care services. In line with this year’s theme, “Love Your Eyes at Work”, the combined efforts by Signify and THKD aims at shedding light on the importance of maintaining good vision in the workplace while bringing attention to the prevention of short-sightedness or myopia.

Signify and THKD are working together at a time when eye health is more critical than ever. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), 1 out of 2 people will develop short-sightedness or myopia by 2050, amounting to a staggering number of 5 billion, while over 2.2 billion worldwide are presently experiencing vision impairments or blindness, with a significant portion being preventable or treatable through early intervention.

Eye comfort is a top priority for Signify, as it strives to optimise products that bring together in-depth understanding of user needs, lighting application knowledge as well as scientific insights. Philips EyeComfort LEDs are measured against a set of key eye comfort criteria which include flicker, glare, stroboscopic effect, photobiological safety, dimmability, tuning and color rendering – producing beautiful, quality lightings that are easy on the eyes.

Signify believes that the first step towards vision care in the workplace is to choose proper lighting as it helps reduce eye strain. Natural lighting is considered the best for workspaces as it reduces vision strain and headaches, and can help to lower stress levels and reduce drowsiness while working. Signify’s innovative NatureConnect feature helps to mimic natural daylight by simulating the sun’s daily patterns and replicate a view of the sky using light recipes that boost energy levels and help indoor spaces feel in sync with nature.

In a commitment to World Sight Day, Signify and THKD are taking a multifaceted approach to raise awareness and support the cause. This includes content awareness by leveraging online platforms to spread the message, share practical eye care tips, and engage with their respective consumers and patients. To further encourage Malaysians to be more proactive over their eye health in the workplace, this month for the duration of 2 days, THKD will also conduct free eye screening which includes vision assessment, eye pressure checking and computer eye strain evaluation.

“We are delighted to join hands with THKD for this year’s World Sight Day to emphasize the significance of vision care in the workplace. Vision is a gift, and we believe it is our responsibility to help Malaysians protect this gift,” said Sukanto Aich, CEO of Signify Malaysia.

“By illuminating insights and sharing more about our EyeComfort LEDs which promote eye health, we aim to inspire people to take better care of their vision at work,” enthused Sukanto.

THKD CEO Nadiah Wan said, “At THKD, we are dedicated to delivering exceptional healthcare services. Eye health is a critical aspect of overall well-being, and we are pleased to combine our efforts with Signify to create awareness and improve access to eye care services. Together, we aim to create meaningful awareness.”

“Eye Health @ Thomson Hospital offers general comprehensive ophthalmology services, with a focus on pediatric and vitreoretinal ophthalmology and is at the forefront of screening, diagnosing, and managing various eye conditions. Our team of Ophthalmologists and Optometrists ensure patients receive comprehensive and compassionate care tailored to their unique needs. Recognising that early detection and intervention are crucial, THKD continues to innovate and set new standards in eye care,” added Nadiah Wan.

Join Signify and THKD as they combine their expertise in lighting and healthcare this World Sight Day, to illuminate the importance of vision care at work. By combining their efforts, they hope to inspire people to prioritise their vision and take steps towards better eye health in the workplace.

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