Subang Jaya Medical Centre Celebrates Cancer Survivor


A disease with high mortality rate, cancer is one of the leading causes of death worldwide. Screening and early detection play a pivotal role in surviving the disease, and it takes what is akin to superhuman effort to stare cancer in the face and win.

In recognition of the courage, determination and sheer will demonstrated by cancer patients in their battle against the disease, Subang Jaya Medical Centre (SJMC) recently held a Cancer Survivorship Gala Dinner at Quill City Mall. Themed ‘Celebrating Courage, Celebrating Life’, the dinner feted several SJMC patients of varying ages who are optimistically fighting cancer to emerge as survivors.

Survivorship of cancer, according to SJMC Chief Executive Officer Bryan Lin, is as much about leading a fulfilling life after diagnosis and treatment, as it is to survive the disease. He said, “Throughout these years, many patients have passed through our doors, and went on to live life to the fullest. While achieving the best medical and clinical outcomes for every patient is important to us, we also recognise that support systems and empowerment are equally important. That is why we take a holistic approach to cancer care and events like tonight are close to our hearts. We need to continuously strive to do better because for a cancer patient, every single day counts.”

With the focus on celebrating life, the evening saw SJMC survivors taking to the stage to share their cancer journey and on defeating the disease in a way that allows them to attain a new lease on life. In addition to doctors’ care and strong support system provided by family and friends, an optimistic attitude and fighting spirit were among the positive factors cited in their life-affirming stories.

Vimala Thevi Ganesan, who has Stage 2 breast cancer and is currently undergoing treatment, said, “No matter what life brings us, we women are exceptionally strong because we will always find a way to overcome any challenge that comes our way. Cancer is not the end, and with faith, courage, and confidence, everything will be okay.”

Other highlights at the dinner included a stand-up comedy performance by the ever-popular Harith Iskander and a fashion show featuring a collection by renowned Malaysian fashion designer Melinda Looi. A group of cancer survivors modelled the whimsical ready-to-wear styles inspired by Looi’s past and current couture lines, giving the fashion show an added touch of exuberance.

Looi said the fashion show was both about her collection and the cancer survivors who were the true inspiration. “I believe it is important to encourage those who have overcome cancer because they have faced difficulties that many of us will not understand. Whether they are cancer survivors, patients or caring for someone with cancer, I am deeply moved by the tenacity and courage shown in their fight against the disease.”

Lending its support to the event was cosmetics company Amorepacific which provided make-overs for the cancer survivors. Country manager Margaret Chin said, “Our involvement reflects our firm commitment to improve the lives of female cancer patients by equipping them with skills and knowledge in makeup and skincare that can help them regain their self-confidence despite the challenges they go through.” The event was also in collaboration with Derrick & Team Hairdressing from Quill City Mall.

The dinner was also attended by Peter Hong, Ramsay Sime Darby Health Care (RSDH) Group Chief Executive Officer, and Dato’ Dr Jacob Thomas, RSDH Group Medical Advisor.

Lin added there are more than 200 types of cancers and according to Cancer Research Malaysia, 1 in every 4 Malaysians is affected by the disease. “We still have a lot of work ahead of us and we can only achieve significant milestones and breakthroughs by working together.”

According to the World Health Organisation, the most common cancers in Malaysia are breast cancer, followed by colorectal and lung cancers. High awareness coupled with screening and early detection have a significant impact on surviving cancer, while support after treatment also plays a crucial part.

The Cancer Survivorship Gala Dinner is testament to SJMC’s holistic approach toward cancer, which goes beyond treatment and extends to patient empowerment and celebration of life. In keeping with this, the hospital’s Cancer & Radiosurgery Centre brings together a robust and active community of cancer patients and survivors who support one another in dealing with the physical and emotional changes associated with the disease post treatment.

As one of the pioneers and leaders in cancer care for private healthcare in Malaysia, SJMC has established 20 years of proven clinical outcomes. The hospital takes pride in its one hundred percent 5-year relative survival rate of women with Stage 1 breast cancer. These results are comparable to any leading centres in developed countries. (Source: Asian Pacific Journal of Cancer Prevention Vol 16, 2015)

SJMC continuously strives for improvement through implementing new technologies and innovative approaches that offer patients effective treatment that yields better outcomes. From conducting regular clinical research on cancer survival rates of patients to benchmarking its performance standards against international cancer care providers, the hospital’s commitment is to prioritising patient care at every step of the way.

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