SuperDNA Launches Ultimate DNA Test – The First Personal Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) in Malaysia


SuperDNA Sdn Bhd – a genetic testing company, is launching today the Ultimate DNA Test which provides the first Personal Whole Genome Sequencing (WGS) to the Malaysian public offering them an opportunity to learn about their bodies, the best options for specific health issues and thereby empower them to make the best choices to live a healthy life. This local privately held Direct To Consumer (DTC) Company is bringing Health and Wellness measures closer to everyone.

SuperDNA utilises the world’s most comprehensive DNA sequencing technology, which conducts a full scan that analyses 100% of the human DNA as compared to other genetic tests such as Genotyping Technology which only analyses 0.01% of the DNA or the Whole Exome Sequencing (WES) technology which only looks into 2% of the tested DNA. This extensive analysis can provide customers with over 1,700 reports across 30 categories like Nutrition, Drug Response, Carrier Screening, Common Disease Risk and Hereditary Diseases.

“When choosing a genetic test, it is critical to find out what genetic information you will get, and which technology the genetic testing providers use. With the SuperDNA genetic test, our clients do not only get an analysis of 100% of their DNA, but they also have access to a Genetic Counsellor, a Dietitian and a Nutritionist from SuperDNA at their disposal. SuperDNA is designed to provide ultimate service and support for anyone looking to make ideal choices to lead a healthier life. When it comes to genetic testing, it is not about the number of reports you’ll be receiving or how much the test is going to cost – having the right professional advice is equally necessary to make preventive or corrective measures according to one’s DNA results”, said Stefanie Chow (PhD), Chief Scientific Officer at SuperDNA.

On September 5th 2022, SuperDNA started rolling out its genetic testing offerings in local and international markets. Clients all over the world will be able to have their Whole Genome sequenced and have their reports ready for consultation with SuperDNA’s panel of experts. With this, SuperDNA hopes to help billions of people make the right daily choices to live longer, healthier and better lives via genetic analysis.

There are 3 different types of test kits available, the Essential that costs RM699, the Complete that is priced at RM2,499 and the Ultimate at RM4,999 per test. The procedure remains the same for all the three different tests. The process is non-invasive and simple. Customers need to place an order on the website for the test of their choice. Following that, they need to provide a saliva sample once they receive their test kits and send it back to SuperDNA’s testing facility.

The results will take up to 30 days to be updated. However, the services do not end here. SuperDNA’s customers are welcome to walk-in or make Google Meet appointments with SuperDNA’s panel of experts that includes a Genetic Counsellor, a Dietitian and a Nutritionist to discuss and establish a plan to proceed with making the most out of their DNA test results. Their office is located in Bangsar South.

SuperDNA Genetic Tests
The genetic testing kits offered by SuperDNA cater to the varied needs of the consumers. The 3 different options provide consumers with the ability to choose the best fit for their needs and goals.

SuperDNA’s Essential Wellness Test offers a total of 7 categories and a total of over 700 reports. The categories include Diet and Nutrition, Sports and Fitness, Personality, Lifestyle, Skin and Allergies. It is a starting point for many that are looking to optimise their Diet, Fitness, Lifestyle and Overall Wellness.

The Complete test by SuperDNA provides information on a total of 21 categories and over 1,300 reports. It includes everything in the Essential test plus reports on Cancer Risks, Heart Diseases, Diabetes Risk, Brain and Mental Health as well as Drug Response reports.

SuperDNA’s most comprehensive test is the Ultimate test. It provides data on 30 categories and over 1,700 reports. In addition to everything offered in the Complete set, the Ultimate test also includes reports on Cancer-causing Mutation, Family Planning and Hereditary Diseases.

Benefits of Whole Genome Sequencing
WGS detects genetic variants that increase an individual’s predisposition to preventable diseases. This information can be used to develop better habits that are personalised and specific to each individual. WGS can also contribute to personalised wellness and nutrigenomics to build healthier habits, including diet strategies.

“We hope to really empower our Malaysian public to make informed decisions about their health and wellness by providing meaningful and reader-friendly reports on their genetics and traits. All of this is supported by a team of professional consultants (Genetic Counsellor, Nutritionist and Dietitian) ready to serve you”, said Fionne Teoh, General Manager at SuperDNA.

In conjunction with the launch, SuperDNA is offering a 10% discount on all purchases to all customers from now until 20 September, while stocks last. Utilise code SUPERDNA10 at checkout to enjoy the discount. Visit https://mysuperdna.com/ to purchase.

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