Uniting for Action Against Psoriatic Disease


Psoriatic disease is a disfiguring and disabling condition with no known cure. Visible skin plaques and inflamed joints are characteristic physical symptoms, but people living with psoriatic disease also face many emotional, social, and economic hardships. It is time to put an end to their suffering. On October 29th, World Psoriasis Day, the International Federation of Psoriatic Disease Association (IFPA) has launched a global petition to demand progress.

At least 60 million people live with psoriatic disease worldwide. Most face barriers in accessing treatment. 4 out of 5 experience discrimination due to visible skin symptoms. 12% experience depression. During the COVID-19 pandemic, 43% saw their disease worsen. But much of this suffering can be prevented.

In 2014, all UN nations unanimously voted to approve the Resolution on Psoriasis (WHA 67.9), committing to improve the lives of everyone living with psoriatic disease. Practical recommendations on how to achieve this ambitious goal were published in the World Health Organization Global Report on Psoriasis in 2016. Then progress stalled. More than five years after these milestones, the needs are still not met.

As the global leader in fighting psoriatic disease, IFPA is uniting patient associations on every continent to call for urgent action. On World Psoriasis Day, they launch an online petition igniting change. “We are tired of promises. We demand progress,” says Janina Kostiukaite, World Psoriasis Day Coordinator. “The countries that voted to approve the Resolution on Psoriasis must deliver on their commitments.”

IFPA’s World Psoriasis Day Petition highlights five core demands.

  1. Change perception of psoriatic disease
  2. Ensure equal access to medicine
  3. Stop stigma
  4. Advance holistic care
  5. Prepare the workforce

IFPA has an ambitious target to gather 200,000 signatures by the close of 2021. These endorsements will be used to advocate for better psoriatic disease care at the national level. Frida Dunger Johnsson, Executive Director of IFPA, says, “World Psoriasis Day is a powerful opportunity to mobilize advocacy all around the world. By coming together, we can call on health ministers, governments, and decision-makers to improve access to treatment. United, we can ensure that people living with psoriatic disease are supported.”

Express your support. Sign the World Psoriasis Day Petition at psoriasisday.org. Share the link with friends and family. Join forces with a global movement to speak up for psoriatic disease.

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