UNO Technologies Launches #SGUnited COVID-19 Assistance Telemedicine Initiative


Singapore has seen a sharp increase in daily COVID-19 cases since September, reaching an approximate average of 3,000 daily cases. Primary Care avenues such as General Practitioners and Telemedicine service providers are stretched thin.

UNO Technologies (https://www.unotech.io/uno-docket-covid19-assistance/) has mobilized its resources to modify its solution and deployed a telemedicine solution addressing COVID-19 related issues. This aims to help alleviate the anxiety and uncertainty that many Singapore residents are facing related to the pandemic, by providing them an avenue to reach out to Doctors for advice. Moreover, reducing the odds of community spread by reducing physical visits and re-directing non-critical cases away from primary care facilities, reducing the strain.

UNO Technologies’ parent company Essex Bio-Technology Ltd has also committed SGD $250,000 in funding to help sponsor all qualifying first consults on our COVID-19 Telemedicine platform. This seeks to remove any financial barriers for patients needing advice on what to do next with their exposure to this pandemic.

All Doctors on this initiative are Singapore Medical Council registered practitioners. As of 27 Oct 2021 there are more than 20 Doctors on board and the team is working hard to onboard more to meet the demands of this initiative.

Who are eligible?

  • Not covered by MOH’s Home Recovery Programme
  • Telemedicine Providers
  • Not serving Isolation Order

How does this work?

  • Search and download ‘UNO Docket’ on iOS App Store (Android version coming soon)
  • Register for an account
  • Complete the COVID-19 Triage questions
  • Select an available GP Clinic in your neighbourhood
  • Qualifying first-consults on our platform are free, no payment required

To download the UNO Docket COVID-19 Assistance Telemedicine App, click this link https://apps.apple.com/sg/app/docket/id1522234869 or search for the UNO Docket on IOS App Store.

Doctors needed

  • This initiative is calling for Doctors to come onboard and join the cause.
  • If interested, please email hello@unotech.io.

UNO Technologies is a Med-Tech company aiming to help medical practitioners improve the efficiency and quality of care for their patients by leveraging on the latest technologies. Our solutions have impacted over 1,000,000 patients and 2,000 practitioners to date. UNO Technologies is also a proud partner of IHIS’s SmartCMS Programme.

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