Walking Towards a Cancer-Free Society


Cansurvive Centre Malaysia Berhad, a non-profit cancer charity organization, has launched the ‘Walk of Life’ 10,000 Step Challenge to encourage public participation in raising funds for the cancer community.

Targeting a total of 2,500 participants pledging RM10 for their walk, the ‘Walk of Life’ 10,000 Step Challenge aims to achieve a cumulative total of 25 million steps and raise RM25,000 for Cansurvive’s initiatives in Malaysia.

Dr C D Siby, President of Cansurvive said, “Through the ‘Walk of Life’ campaign, we also aim to encourage a healthier lifestyle among Malaysians by asking them to walk 10,000 steps which is equivalent to an 8KM walk. To add to the excitement, we will also be conducting lucky draws on our Facebook page where participants can win some exciting prizes.”

Participants can register for the challenge via Cansurvive’s website by pledging to complete 10,000 steps for the challenge with a donation of RM10. Funds collected from the initiative will be used to fund Cansurvive’s upcoming activities including the annual international conference that would benefit the cancer community across the region including the patients and their family and friends.

“We have always stayed true to our pledge that we will never charge those challenged by cancer to attend our conferences and get access to vital information, knowing that they are already burdened with treatment costs and other related expenses and often with loss of income over prolonged periods of time. Our primary goal is to reach out to as many people with cancer and their families as we can,” added Dr Siby.

The campaign was launched on 18 September 2021 with a premiere video of the ‘Take a Walk With Us’ Series on Facebook and YouTube during Cansurvive’s 11th International Conference on Holistic Healing from Cancer. The campaign will also feature a variety of engaging social media activities including the opportunity for participants to take part in the Walk of Life duet chain on TikTok.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), the total number of newly-reported cancer cases in Malaysia was 48,639 in 2020.

Participate in the Cansurvive ‘Walk of Life’ Fundraising Challenge in 3 steps:

  • Step 1: Pledge with RM10 on cansurvive.org.my/walkoflife
  • Step 2: Track your steps with your mobile apps/devices
  • Step 3: Screenshot and share your proof of completing 10,000 steps on Cansurvive’s Facebook Page with the hashtags #CANSURVIVEWALKOFLIFE #WALKOFLIFE

You will receive a congratulatory message with a link to a selfie filter and you can also opt for a printable e-certificate of completion. Additionally, you will also earn a new entry every time you complete 10,000 steps, so feel free to keep pledging for the ‘Walk of Life’ Challenge to stand a better chance at the lucky draw.

For further information about the ‘Walk of Life’ Fundraising Challenge and details on how Cansurvive is working towards a cancer-free society, please visit https://cansurvive.org.my.

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