6 Foreigners’ Work Passes Permanently Revoked for Flouting COVID-19 Laws in Singapore


Six people who were caught flouting COVID-19 “circuit breaker” measures at Robertson Quay have had their work passes revoked and are permanently banned from working in Singapore, the Ministry of Manpower (MOM) said on Thursday (Jun 25).

They were among seven people fined earlier on Thursday for gathering at Robertson Quay in breach of the rules.

The seven are: Neil Gordon Buchan, a 30-year-old British national; Perry Scott Blair, a 37-year-old British citizen; James Titus Beatt, a 33-year-old British national; Joseph William Poynter, a 35-year-old British citizen; married couple, Americans Bao Nguyen Brown, 40, and Jeffrey George Brown, 52; and Michael Czerny, a 45-year-old Austrian national.

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Czerny is also a Singapore permanent resident.

All seven pleaded guilty to one count each of breaching COVID-19 regulations by meeting each other without reasonable excuse.

They were fined between S$8,000 and S$9,000.

The six people involved in the Robertson Quay case are among 140 people who had their work passes revoked between May 1 and Jun 25 for breaching circuit breaker measures, stay-home notices or quarantine orders, said MOM.

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Out of these 140 cases, 42 were caught outside their homes during their stay-home notice or quarantine order period. A total of 98 people were caught breaking circuit breaker measures.

“These individuals were found eating, drinking and gathering in groups in public during the circuit breaker,” the ministry said.

“These took place at various locations such as dormitories, private residential areas, East Coast Park and Robertson Quay.”

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“All work pass holders in Singapore must abide by the law,” the ministry added.

“MOM will continue to take enforcement actions against work pass holders who do not comply with the requirements, including the revocation of work passes.”

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Publication: channelnewsasia.com
Title: 6 who flouted COVID-19 laws at Robertson Quay permanently banned from working in Singapore

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