Autumn Partners with dacadoo to Help Customers in Asia Make Healthier Lifestyle Choices and Reduce the Financial Burden on Their Retirement Plans


Autumn, a first-of-its-kind wealth, health and lifestyle solution platform in Singapore has entered into a partnership with dacadoo, one of the world’s leading healthtech providers to enhance the mental and physical wellbeing of users.

As a bank agnostic and open platform incubated in and backed by SC Ventures, the innovation and ventures unit of Standard Chartered, Autumn offers its users best-in-class products and solutions that empowers them to plan and manage their financial and physical wellbeing. Autumn embraces a holistic approach to retirement, helping people understand how their lifestyle choices can impact their finances and health so that they are adequately prepared for retirement.

Across Asia-Pacific, annual elderly healthcare expenditure in 2030 is expected to be five times that of 2015’s expenditure. Singapore’s annual public and private expenditure for healthcare is expected to rise 10 times to $49 billion by 2030 (from 2015). This increased expenditure is a result of additional years of lifespan that are spent coping with age-related health problems. Unhealthy ageing can lead to medical inflation which will make healthcare costs unaffordable in the long run.

This partnership enables Autumn to draw on dacadoo’s broad selection of motivational and scientific principles, ranging from health scoring to automated coaching and gamification based on behavioural science, to engage users on their journey to health and wellbeing. In addition to wealth planning, Autumn’s users will have 24/7 access to a smart digital coach and receive personalised health and wellbeing nudges to help them turn knowledge into action, so that they can build and maintain a healthy lifestyle. Users will be able to track their progress using a digital Health Score updated daily according to lifestyle choices about sleep, exercise, nutrition and mental wellbeing. These positive shifts in users’ wellbeing will enable them to live a healthier life, reducing the financial burden on the retirement plans so that they have sufficient to last their life time.

This holistic offering will help Autumn’s users in maintaining good health to enjoy their wealth and retirement in the longer run.

Mike Kruger, CEO, Autumn – “We’ve identified that many people don’t fully understand how their lifestyle choices can create health risks and costs which can potentially wipe out their financial plans. This partnership will expand Autumn’s existing offering to incorporate health considerations in the advice and recommendations provided by our app to help our users understand how health and wealth are linked. We believe that a holistic platform will ensure our users have sufficient wealth and the good health to live their best life.”

Peter Ohnemus, President & CEO, dacadoo – “We are proud to be entering into this partnership with Autumn and SVC in order to enhance Autumn’s already impressive platform proposition. At dacadoo, we strive to make the world a healthier place by providing relevant, easy and fun (what we call the REF factor) digital health engagement solutions that include holistic health tracking and benchmarking that everybody can understand and act upon. We believe that through our technology – and in partnership with Autumn, we will change the health outcomes of many people for the better. I look forward to a fruitful deployment in APAC!”

Autumn is continuously enhancing and building its ecosystem to provide access to the most relevant tools, products, and services that can help users achieve a holistically healthier lifestyle. The health services solution will be available to users by Q1 2022.

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