BICO Launches the S.NEST, A High Throughput Microbioreactor with Real-Time Monitoring to Ensure Maximum Cell Growth and Streamlined Workflows


CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions, a BICO company, has launched the S.NEST™, a state-of-the art microbioreactor that maximizes cell growth while monitoring and analyzing cell conditions from start to finish. Well-known for combining innovative bioscience technologies with best-in-class software development, CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions has developed their new microbioreactor to disrupt the field of cell line development (CLD).

Microbioreactors have been instrumental in a string of research breakthroughs in CLD for a range of downstream applications, but with the addition of real-time monitoring, the S.NEST is at the forefront of those advances. Furthermore, it boasts an impressive merger of enhanced features, including patented technology for reciprocating mixing, incubation chambers with individual environmental controls, a camera module for real-time pH and dissolved oxygen monitoring, powerful analytical software to crunch data, compatibility with 96-well or 24-well culture plates, and four chambers for the high-throughput culturing of as many as 384 wells at once.

CLD researchers looking to streamline upscaling and expansion workflows, which previously required weeks to complete, are sure to embrace the S.NEST’s unique suspension culturing nourished by a continuous supply of oxygen. As part of CYTENA’s extensive portfolio of single-cell instruments, the S.NEST will make highly efficient cell culturing results accessible to laboratories around the world.

“The S.NEST revolutionizes cell culturing workflows with its unique technology to increase efficiency and productivity for biologics production, drug screening and functional genomics,” says CYTENA Bioprocess Solutions CEO Charles Tsai, PhD.

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