Cryoviva’s Chiranya Prachaseri Recognised as Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives


“As recognised by the ACES Awards 2021 for the Asia’s Most Inspiring Executives award, it is such a great honor not only me but also everyone in Cryoviva for being a team player and builder together”, said Chiranya Prachaseri, Chief Executive Officer of Cryoviva (Thailand) Ltd., and Director of Cryoviva Singapore Pte. Ltd. She is a strong leader with excellent communication skills and has worked to build high-performance teams and deliver results in culturally diverse environments. She has the capabilities of a strategic visionary and positive sense of purpose and urgency, effectively working in situational challenges.

Cryoviva is a private bank where the number of stored samples is growing at double-digit rates, with over 500,000 units stored in its group of stem cell banks and more than 2,000 cases where stem cells were retrieved for personal use by its clients.

“Many of our clients come to us at a loss when thinking about stem cells and its possibilities and we are honored to provide them with the necessary knowledge to make their decision and can also assure that our team of experts can advise them of a medical solution if the need arises”, said Chiranya. With this passion to raise quality of life for people, she encourages her team to be a lifetime partner for their client’s and commits to developing Cryoviva into a major player in biotechnology and medicine which is not limited to cord blood stem cells cryopreservation and expansion, but also includes stem cell therapy and regenerative medicine. She also shares an experience faced by one of her patients, where “An older patient approached us with rheumatoid arthritis that required a knee replacement. However, with the help of stem cell technology, he was able to avoid a painful major operation and the cost was similar to the knee operation.” This is an example to firmly believe in hope and promise for tomorrow’s health and wellbeing based on her personal commitment to people.

Organised by MORS Group, the ACES Awards are one of the most coveted awards in Asia, and receiving this recognition accentuates the success, mission, vision and presence of the recipient in their respective fields. This reflects perfectly on Cryoviva’s promise in upholding its core values of Care, Expertise and Reliability, which Chiranya inspires her team to seize for this mission.

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