How to Stay Happy During A Lockdown?

The recent lockdown in Malaysia does not seem as though it will end anytime soon. With more negative news encircling our daily lives, it is normal to be feeling scared, anxious or apprehensive, as there is a lot going on and it can feel overwhelming.

But all of this is not necessarily happening for the worst. Learning how to control fear and anxiety is crucial and it is important to remember that no amount of fear or worry will help or change aspects of the universe that are out of your control.

So here are some tips if you are feeling stressed over the looming pandemic:

Keep some structure and routine to your daily life
Start with a good sleep routine. Whether it’s trying to wake up early to make the most of your day, or pushing yourself to go to bed earlier to get a longer, better-quality sleep. Start the day by making herbal teas, tidying your home, do some yoga and make a delicious breakfast. Try to get dressed every day, even though you won’t be going anywhere! Getting ready in the morning whether that means just getting dressed or putting makeup on will make you feel more productive and good about yourself.

Limit your time on social media and reading the news
The news will more often than not focus on the negatives of what’s going on in the world and it can feel overwhelming. You will get hooked on reading statistics, but try it avoid it as it will lead to a happier life. It is still important to be aware of what is going on in the world, but limit yourself to only checking the news as frequently as what works for you, without making you fearful.

Document how you’re feeling
This is a significant global event that we are living through. Writing down your day to day life and keeping some sort of diary of what you have been up to, can do wonders to making you feel a whole lot better. Especially if you are struggling. Find what works for you best, whether it be writing, vlogging or something different to wind down and clear your mind.

Try and focus on the positive things
Life is on pause so take this time to reflect and take a step back. Think about where you are in life, what you want in life, what you want to do more of and what you don’t do enough of. Make a plan for when life returns back to ‘normal’.

Learn something new
Learn an instrument. Learn how to do the splits. Learn how to curl your hair or do the perfect eyeliner look. It could be anything! Take this time to do all the things you always wanted to do, but ‘never had the time’ for. Whatever you do, focus on your health and make self care your top priority.

Go for a walk or exercise
No matter what your reason for leaving the house, remember to stay safe and follow the government guidelines. If you can safely enjoy a few minutes outside however, whether it’s to go on a run or a walk then do. Sometimes a bit of fresh air and sunshine can do wonders.

Call for help if you need someone to talk to
If you are finding it difficult to open up to your family and friends, contact Befrienders and talk to them. Never keep those negative feelings to yourself.

Author: Katy Cowan
Publication: creativeboom.com
Title: Keeping the spirits up during lockdown: How to be happy in isolation according to experts

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