Innovative AI Projection Game System ‘BEAM’ Enters Southeast Asia

Innovative tech company Eyeclick has been turning blank walls, empty floors and table tops into interactive playgrounds with their award winning AI projector game system, BEAM.

With malls, restaurants and clinics removing their conventional playgrounds, toys and colouring sets due to hygiene concerns during this pandemic, many establishments are experiencing a void in children’s entertainment — one that is rapidly being filled by BEAM all over the world.

BEAM’s revolutionary AI technology gives children the opportunity to explore, discover and interact — and is single handedly transforming businesses into family-friendly destinations.



BEAM involves a state-of-the-art projection system combined with dual motion sensors that turn empty spaces into a virtual playground. There are over 300 games in its catalog to choose from, with a variety of themes such as adventure (Mad Goblins), sports (Super Soccer), educational (Math Pop) and memory (Dino World).

BEAM is:

  • Active — Run, jump and pounce to victory with interactive floor projection.
  • Social — Team up and play!
  • Versatile — All you need is a blank space to create your own interactive wall, floor or table.
  • Hygienic and convenient — No damage, no maintenance and no clean up required.

Eyeclick, the creator of BEAM, is a market leader in its field. BEAM has become an essential fixture for entertaining kids in many restaurants, waiting rooms, indoor play spaces and early childcare centers. Eyeclick has made its way into South East Asia with its strategic tie up with Singapore-based sports consultancy firm, Purple Patch Sports.

Ariel Almos, Founder and CEO of Eyeclick Ltd said, “I’m very excited for Eyeclick to be present in this part of the world. I started the company 15 years ago with my young kids in mind, and we have been fortunate to work with some of the biggest global brands over the years. We see a usage trend moving towards seniors and special needs individuals. It engages them socially, is visually appealing, and keeps them active.”

“We are reaching out to establishments in Asia looking to update their play spaces, or those looking for an opportunity to transform their small space to make it family friendly. We feel that BEAM can offer parents peace of mind while their kids are safely occupied, without worrying too much about dangerous play structures or unhygienic shared materials.”

Some of Eyeclick’s notable partners
(National Aeronautics and Space Administration) EyeClick created a custom interactive display for NASA’s Kennedy Space Center, aimed to educate students about space exploration.

Burger King
EyeClick is named an official international interactive game system vendor for American Global Chain, Burger King.

(National Football League) EyeClick is installed inside The Official Shop of the NFL and NFL players challenge each other to a friendly game of interactive football.

EyeClick is named as an official international interactive game system vendor for American Fast Food Company, McDonald’s

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