Medical Center Manila, Inc. Triumphs at the Asian Experience Awards for its Electronic Professional Fee System


Medical Centre Manila, Inc. (ManilaMed) has been awarded the Philippines Digital Experience of the Year – Healthcare at the prestigious Asian Experience Awards. This esteemed accolade recognises ManilaMed’s innovative Electronic Professional Fee System, which has revolutionised professional fee management in healthcare, showcasing innovation, efficiency, and a deep understanding of industry challenges.

The Asian Experience Awards, renowned for acknowledging exceptional initiatives that enhance customer and employee experiences across Asia, have honoured ManilaMed for its transformative Electronic Professional Fee Initiative.

The Electronic Professional Fee System emerged as a transformative project, specifically created to streamline and modernise professional fee management within ManilaMed. Acknowledging the complex challenges faced by healthcare institutions, this innovative solution reimagined and automated the submission of doctors’ professional fees, introducing efficiency, transparency, and accuracy into the process.

Traditionally, professional fee management in healthcare involved laborious manual procedures, leading to delays and inefficiencies. In contrast, the Electronic Professional Fee System ensures accuracy and real-time submission, supported by a user-friendly interface and robust security measures. This digital solution provides a comprehensive audit trail, making it easy to track and verify professional fees, thereby fostering trust and integrity within the organisation.

Moreover, the system seamlessly integrates with the existing Hospital Information System, particularly the billing processes. This integration has eliminated errors in fee calculations and reduced the discharge turnaround time by an impressive 60%. The streamlined process has not only expedited billing but also improved bed turnover rates, ultimately enhancing patient satisfaction and operational efficiency.

Furthermore, stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and administrators, have praised the initiative for its profound and positive impact on ManilaMed’s operations. The system has relieved healthcare professionals from administrative burdens, allowing them to dedicate more time and resources to delivering exceptional patient care. This empowerment has resulted in improved patient outcomes and elevated satisfaction levels.

Crucially, the initiative has positioned ManilaMed as a trailblazer in the healthcare industry. It sets the stage for ongoing digital transformation, enabling the organisation to explore further innovations, such as electronic medical records, integrated inventory management systems, payment platforms, and data analytics, with the potential to further enhance healthcare delivery and organisational performance.

As the Electronic Professional Fee System continues to deliver tangible benefits and transformative results, it is evident that this initiative is more than just an innovation; it is a catalyst for positive change in the healthcare industry.

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