Nippon Paint Launches Antiviral and Antibacterial Coatings Solution, 99.9% Effective Against COVID-19


Nippon Paint Malaysia (NPM), Malaysia’s No. 1 total coatings solution provider today launched two additional antiviral and antibacterial coatings solution with improved formula that are proven effective in preventing the spread of infectious diseases including COVID-19 (SARS-Cov-2).

The upgraded products are part of the group’s continuous efforts in #KeepingEveryoneSafe while improving the overall health and wellness of Malaysians. The coating range include Spot-less Plus, an excellent low sheen indoor stain repellent paint and Vinilex Fresh Plus, a smooth matt finishing paint with low odour and good washability properties ideal for interior walls. The product’s addition will complement the existing VirusGuard mid sheen paint, that resists mold and fungus growth and provides ultra-low VOC, superior washability and long lasting colours.

Surfaces we come into contact with on a regular basis can act as a vector of transmission for viruses and bacteria. Some bacteria, such as E. Coli, may persist on inanimate surfaces for months, while infectious yeasts can survive for weeks. This emphasises the importance to disinfect and sanitise frequently touched surfaces on a regular basis. COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2) virus is also airborne and able to remain and transmit in the air for up to a few hours.

Formulated with Silver Ion Technology, the newly improved antiviral and antibacterial coatings can destroy microbes with high efficacy and proven from lab-test reports by Antimikrop R&D and Biocidal Analysis Laboratory to be 99.9% effective against harmful viruses and bacteria on painted surfaces. The technology inhibits the spread of viruses and bacteria through a three-step approach – destroying the viruses and bacteria cell wall or membrane making them non-functional, reducing their reproduction capability, and inhibiting their survival which ultimately causes the death of the viruses and bacteria.

Mr. Yaw Seng Heng, Group Managing Director of NPM Group said, “As Malaysia’s No. 1 total coatings solution provider, the antiviral and antibacterial product range represents Nippon Paint Malaysia’s relentless efforts in creating safer indoor homes, workspaces and public premises. We believe the improved product range rollout is timely as the lockdown restrictions are being lifted to provide an added layer of protection to our environment. In our drive to champion health and wellness, we are continuously seeking new opportunities and innovative solutions to bring added values for our customers whilst creating beautiful and healthy surroundings.”

Assistant General Manager of Marketing, Datin Wong Meng Lee added, “As surfaces we touch in our daily routine can transmit viruses and bacteria, our R&D have developed the coating solution formulated with Silver Ion Technology to protect and transform ordinary walls into safer surfaces. They are scientifically proven to destroy 99.9% of harmful viruses and bacteria on painted indoor surfaces and resist the growth of microorganisms including mold and fungi. The antiviral and antibacterial line is an innovative and sustainable way to create healthier environments and absolutely safe for humans and pets. As the coatings expert, we strive to continuously promote indoor safety and wellness to keep everyone safe”.

Last year, Nippon Paint announced breakthrough test results by Analytical Lab Group, demonstrating VirusGuard’s effectiveness against the Human Coronavirus, ATCC VR-740, strain 229E. The results showed a 99.9% reduction in viral titer upon contact of the virus on the paint film making it the first anti-microbial paint formulated with antiviral and antibacterial performance in Malaysia. The paint can also destroy influenza virus e.g. H1N1 (Swine Flu), Hand, foot and mouth disease virus (Coxsackievirus A16), and bacteria e.g., E. Coli, MRSA and Staphylococcus Aureus.

The environmentally-friendly coating comes in various colour choices and highly recommended for use in any indoor space, both at residences and commercial areas (e.g. health institutions, hotels, offices, restaurants and educational centres). The paints also offer other functional benefits such as antifungal, low odour, ultra-low VOC, stain repellant, superior washability, long-lasting colours and easy maintenance.

The new improved antiviral and antibacterial coating range are available in a wide choice of colour selection to beautify your living and working spaces. They are effective against viruses and bacteria within 6 hours of exposure to painted surfaces to create safer indoor environments for everyone.

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