Sunway Medical Centre’s Antenatal Parentcraft Workshop Prepares Expectant Parents for Labor, Birth, and Parenting


From the moment a couple decides to have a child, until they welcome a new baby to their lives, the learning process is continuous. Parents-to-be have the option of picking up a book, speaking to other parents, or doing an online search for information in order to prepare. However, nothing beats having first-hand experience and learning from healthcare professionals. Hence why Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City has its own Parentcraft Workshop to prepare couples for their new and exciting journey.

Previously held virtually due to the pandemic, the antenatal workshop is now organised physically. It delves into topics that range from prenatal to postnatal care, as well as vaccination and fitness.

“Having to share some insights on labour and delivery during the first physical Parentcraft Workshop after running it virtually during the pandemic gave me a good feeling. This provides a platform for parents-to-be to also meet other expectant parents besides the healthcare professionals to share similar experience and build a support system as they go through this new journey,” said Dr Sharmina Kamal Shamsul Kamal, Consultant Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Sunway Medical Centre, Sunway City.

The Parentcraft Workshop is facilitated by Sunway Medical Centre’s obstetricians and gynaecologists, paediatricians and healthcare professionals including the nursing team, dietitians, physiotherapists and speech therapists. The workshop hopes to empower parents-to-be with knowledge and skills that they can utilise when the challenges arise.

During the workshop, couples learned about the various aspects of becoming parents, such as care during pregnancy, preparing for a positive birth experience and initiating breastfeeding. They also learned about the nutritional needs during pregnancy and the nutrition for the infants, their child’s development as well as antenatal exercise.

“I was a bit baffled by my second pregnancy after I had my first born five years ago. Pregnancy seems new again to me. When I came for my regular check-up and learned about the upcoming Parentcraft Workshop, I just knew that I had to sign up to refresh my knowledge and I’m glad I did,” shared Gan Boon Sin from Shah Alam, who is in her 36-week pregnancy.

The participants were given the opportunity to ask questions to the healthcare team who will be taking care of them when they deliver, allowing couples to feel more comfortable when the big day arrives.

A first-time parent who joined the session commented that the antenatal workshop gave them the stepping-stone to becoming parents. “We were quite nervous at first when facing pregnancy head-on. However, the informative sessions by the expert speakers gave me confidence and I felt relieved after knowing what to expect when labour starts and that my wife can count on the doctor, midwife and nurses to support her throughout the process,” said Harris Muzzammil who joined the class with his 34-week pregnant wife.

After the successful first Parentcraft Workshop for this year, Sunway Medical Centre looks forward to more workshops throughout this year.

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