Zenyum and INSEAD Announces Partnership to Empower Dentists with Business Scholarships


Zenyum, a 2021 LinkedIn Top Startup that is disrupting cosmetic dentistry, is partnering with INSEAD, The Business School for the World, to sponsor partner dentists based in six of Zenyum’s fast-growing markets.

Dentists across Singapore, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Malaysia, Vietnam, and Thailand will enrol in a two-month professional development program, which aims to instill them with the entrepreneurial and innovative spirit that Zenyum and INSEAD are both renowned for.

As a profession and industry that is perceived as slow to embrace innovation and change, dentistry in Asia is set to accelerate towards growth with this unique program from Zenyum and INSEAD.

Participants can access the latest insights in business management; hone their strategic perspective as an executive; and glean financial performance skills that can be directly applicable to their dental practice.

“We want to enable our partner dentists to grow and be successful with their practice, outside of Zenyum. Close partners have asked us for advice on business and marketing challenges before, so we approached INSEAD for a solution that would work for dentists across Southeast Asia,” Candace Van Chen, Global Head of Partnerships at Zenyum.

Zenyum currently partners with hundreds of clinics across Asia, providing partners with clinical clear aligner courses, webinars, and a teledentistry app – all free of charge. This partnership with INSEAD is their first expansion into non-medical benefits.

“INSEAD is very pleased to partner with Zenyum to help dentists acquire core business skills. This is our first collaboration in this particular field. In the past we have worked with other professions such as doctors and lawyers who, like dentists, have deep professional expertise but at the same time could benefit from more guidance on how to run the business side of the practice professionally. Zenyum with its wide network and entrepreneurial spirit is a great partner for us on this,” Jukka Majanen, Director, Corporate Partnerships – INSEAD Executive Education.

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