Empowering Physiotherapy with Cutting-Edge Robotics: ASEAN’s First KEEOGO™ Robotic Training Centre Officially Launches in Malaysia


B-Temia Asia Pte. Ltd (BTA), powered by Wistron Medical Technology Corporation (WMT) and in partnership with leading medical and healthcare supplier Rehabotics Medtech, has officially launched ASEAN’s first Keeogo™ Robotic Training Center (RTC) in Malaysia.

Technology today plays an active role in enhancing one’s survival rate from numerous neurological disorders. The growing geriatric population, higher prevalence of orthopedic disorders, and a global surge in health conditions such as stroke and spinal cord injuries, are rapidly driving the need for rehabilitation technology in the physiotherapy market. Malaysia alone currently averages almost 100 daily admissions for stroke alone across all healthcare facilities nationwide. Of these cases, 7 out of 10 stroke survivors are activities of daily living (ADL)-dependent.

Under a joint venture agreement, B-Temia Asia, Wistron Medical, and Rehabotics Medtech are teaming up to build RTCs nationwide, aiming to make rehabilitative technology more accessible to stroke and neurologically injured patients. Starting with the first centre in PJ Midtown Petaling Jaya, the trio aims to create an uplifting and interactive environment for rehabilitation, with the best in robotic rehabilitation technology and medical devices.

“In the past, patients may have had to deal with less-than-ideal lives—wheelchair bound or bedridden due to the severity of their condition. This loss of mobility, if prolonged by insufficient care, can be devastating for patients and families alike. As a provider of improved outpatient rehabilitation producing solutions for physical therapy professionals and their patients in need, we aim to change this with our RTCs. The centres will be equipped with a variety of rehabilitative tech aimed at providing unmatched state-of-the-art patient care and safety, and are set to aid patients in recovering faster, maintaining hope, and keep them moving forward,” says Mr. Donald Huang, President of BTA and also the CTO at the Wistron Group.

Mr. Yee King Hwa, Managing Director and Shareholder of Rehabotics Medtech, and the Managing Director of Keeogo™ Malaysia, added on: “With the launch of this RTC and more to come we are going to make rehabilitation easy and accessible for patients across Malaysia, restoring the quality of daily life for all those in need. We look to start a wonderful new experience of robotic rehabilitation here, transforming lives and national healthcare for the better.”

Powered Walk: Restoring the Ability to Walk with Robotics

Capable of producing task-oriented and intensive training, these robotic devices may become the cornerstone of modern rehabilitation and physiotherapy. KeeogoTM, short for “Keep on Going”, is unique among such robots as the only commercially available Dermoskeleton which is lightweight and flexible, providing safe and customised active training. The smart motorized orthosis helps patients with impaired lower limb mobility regain the ability to move and walk even after undergoing life-altering complications.

Back to Basics: Movement Rehabilitation with the Mirror Hand

Meanwhile, the Mirror Hand is designed to treat patients with neuromuscular disorders and diseases that could potentially lead to permanent loss of hand functions. The wearable hand exoskeleton guides the affected hand in practicing fundamental movements using mirror therapy. By combining passive continuous motion (CPM) and bilateral training mechanisms, this will eventually train users to interact with real objects.

The introduction of the RTCs and increased accessibility to KeeogoTM technology are set to lay the foundation for more advancements in the rehabilitation market, positioning Malaysia as a regional leader in the physiotherapy field. Launched concurrently with Keeogo™ Japan and Keeogo™ Taiwan, the Keeogo™ RTC in Malaysia brings the latest in global rehabilitative technology and therapy to local communities in the ASEAN region.

In line with this, Yee on behalf of Rehabotics Medtech and Keeogo™ Malaysia, signed three Memorandum of Understandings (MoU) with ANOC Medicare and Diagnostic, Jasper Lodge Healthcare, and the Federation of Chinese Physicians and Acupuncturists Association Malaysia (FCPAAM) at the launch of the centre.

Moving forward, the companies aim to establish similar centres and affiliated branches in more localities in Malaysia, via partnerships with qualified independent physical therapy professionals or rehabilitation clinics and hospitals.

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